It’s always a good idea to upgrade your skillset and create better employment opportunities for yourself. The recent coronavirus pandemic has brought home the fact that work environments are dynamic and fast-paced, and now more than ever, are changing rapidly. In order to stay on top of your game professionally, there are certain vital skillsets that are non-negotiable.

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, conducted a study with data culled from its users recently, which revealed some interesting insights. If you’re wondering what skills will be relevant in 2020, here’s a list you can refer to, as predicted by trade pundits.

Initially created to support cryptocurrency, the wider applications of this skill have made its appeal more universal, going well beyond the application it was developed for. Blockchain is the future of using and storing data on the Internet. A skill that is not in large numbers currently, blockchain is the future of data on the Internet.

Cloud and distributed computing
Working on Cloud technology requires a skillset that enables companies to make use of technical architecture. Individuals who can design and develop such systems are much in demand.

Analytical reasoning
Data is at the heart of every industry, and businesses across are optimising data to their advantage. Strategic and reasoning skills are an added plus. In order to make informed business decisions benefitting the organisation, employees are on the lookout for individuals who bring this skill to the table.

Artificial intelligence
Not just organisations, but even homes the world over are relying heavily on Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in today’s unprecedented times. Machine learning and natural language processing are sought-after qualifications, making it important to know how to build an AI.

UX design
UX design is the future of understanding consumer behaviour, since the focus is consistently on creating intuitive products for the end user. In order to create products and user experiences that are built around the consumer, it is essential to understand design specialization in depth.

Change your perspective
Sounds like a list you’d like to explore further to enhance your own skill set? It’s a good idea to enroll for a programme that can help you build your expertise in the above and take your career forward.

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