Jaunuary 10, 2020

They say four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul. This is probably because there is nothing more exhilarating than riding a motorcycle on an open road. Along with that, a two-wheeler is also a mighty convenient way to get around Indian cities. You can easily make your way through traffic and get to where you need to be with ease. Not mention, there’s also the prospect of late night rides and road trips as well! But is a two-wheeler affordable? Let’s find out!

How much do two-wheelers cost?

Cut-throat competition amongst two-wheeler manufacturers is good news for you! Today, you can get a shiny, new 150cc motorcycle within Rs. 1 lakh (on-road). You can get scooters for even less. Even something a little swankier shouldn’t set you back by much. This means can zoom around on your favourite two-wheeler without breaking the bank.

What about running costs?

Zipping around town on a two-wheeler is easy on your wallet too. Sure, fuel prices are slowly increasing but technology is keeping up! Manufacturers are producing engines that are powerful and economical as well. Today, it is common for a bike to deliver up to 50 or 60 kilometres per litre. This is very light on your pocket.

Need help covering the cost?

Dreaming of riding into the sunset on your two-wheeler but the cost keeps giving you nightmares? Not to worry! You can get a two-wheeler loan from InCred and cover the costs with ease. We will provide customized finance solution based on your needs and requirements to ensure you can bring home your two-wheeler without further ado.

Hope this article has been helpful, good luck and ride safe!

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