October 12, 2018

An educational loan can really give wings to your dreams. There is no denying the fact
that availing of an education loan for study in India or overseas, can help you kickstart
a career, or give a much-needed boost to an existing one.

Choosing the right lender is important

However, while getting an educational loan may be easy, there are several factors
to keep in mind before you narrow down on your education loan provider. Choosing
the right lender becomes important because a student loan is not a short-term
prospect. You are, in fact, going to be interacting closely with your financer
over the duration of the educational loan. Here is a quick list of things you
should keep in mind before taking the decision of choosing one education loan
lender over another:

  • Education loan interest rates – It’s no secret that a loan can be
    expensive, owing to the education loan interest rates. When you’re researching
    for the right loan and lender, do ask for the education loan interest
    rates being offered, because not all rates may be the same. Do check
    whether the interest rate applicable on your loan is fixed or floating.
    Additionally, a lender might offer a discount on the education loan interest
    rates, which can add up to substantial borrower benefits over the life
    of the loan.

  • Further, do check whether the education loan lender can provide you with a tax
    rebate under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act, because this will also bring
    down the cost of the loan.

  • Loan types –The education loan type will also determine the overall
    cost of borrowing and flexibility. Do your homework on the types of loan
    beforehand so that you know what to expect. Understand whether you’re
    going to avail of an unsecured loan, or a secured loan wherein you will
    need to provide collateral security to the lender; for example, property.
    Typically, a larger loan amount would require collateral to be pledged
    to the lender, but a lot also depends on the course and college you select.
    The right education loan lender will be able to guide you through understanding
    this part of the process and make it seamless for you. Choose a lender
    who will provide financing that is best suited to meet your goals.

  • Payment options – It’s possible that it is difficult to land a job
    immediately upon course completion, possibly owing to economic conditions
    beyond your control. There could also be a scenario wherein you are unable
    to complete your programme by the estimated time. In such exceptional
    scenarios, the education loan lender needs to be accommodating to help
    you tide over this period. Typically, a supportive lender would assist
    by extending your repayment or moratorium period.

  • Of course, the onus is on you to repay the loan in a timely manner subsequently.
    Do remember that while education loan interest rates might not be as high
    as personal loan, it still adds up to an amount that has to be repaid in
    full. How you treat your education loan will directly reflect on your credit
    score, which in turn is essential for a healthy financial future.

  • Other fees and charges – Be on the lookout for any additional fees
    and charges, such as application or origination fees. These amounts,
    however small, do ultimately add up to the cost of your loan, so be sure
    to understand them in detail. The right lender will not have any hidden
    costs; in fact, they are likely to help you understand the paperwork
    in great depth and help you get a loan that benefits you the most. Compare
    the terms and charges with the lenders you have shortlisted. Choosing
    a lender that offers you the best loan terms and not necessarily a larger
    loan amount, may just be the one to go with.

  • Customer service – It is easy to work together with an education loan
    provider who is responsive to your queries at every stage of the process,
    whether at the time of availing the educational loan or anytime during
    the loan tenure. It thus becomes important to keep in touch with your
    loan provider and to update them on even the smallest change in your
    contact information. A good lender is in turn, one with whom it is easy
    to communicate with, and welcomes interaction with the borrower.

    Accessing your loan account becomes especially important if you are studying
    overseas, because it is not possible to visit the lender for every service
    request. Ask yourself how easy it is to access your lender online, and
    whether you can independently manage your account round the clock. This
    is crucial when you’re studying, because you would need to take time
    out from your schedule, and being able to do so at your convenience is
    what’s required.

Going the extra mile

Of course, it is important to read the fine print on any documentation always. A
reputed lender will be more than willing to walk you through the entire educational
loan application process, and answer any questions you may have. Explore your
options and go with the lender with whom you are comfortable, because it’s important
to know what to expect from your chosen education loan lender.

In conclusion

Making the right decision when it comes to your lender is to ensure that you get
the best value for money. This yardstick does not apply just to the educational
loan alone, but is also applicable with regards to the education loan lender
itself. Your education loan for study in India or abroad can help your career

Availing of a student loan is a big decision, and the right lender will make all
the difference to your experience. Make an informed decision after carefully
weighing all aspects of the loan and the services your preferred lender offers.
Starting your credit or lending journey in a prudent manner from the beginning
itself will ensure that you are able to look forward to a stable financial future.

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