April 15, 2019

It’s one of the most clichéd movie plots ever – protagonist needs urgent cash so he/she
borrows money from the bad guy or does something illegal and then everything starts
to go wrong. And while the audience is cringing like, no, please don’t do it, it’s
not going to end; we are just like hey, why don’t you take a personal loan? Here
are some of the movies & movie characters that made us feel this way.

1. Fukrey.

This is a hilarious movie about 4 friends who have a dream business model. It’s already
proved itself and helped them make a small fortune. However, when they all find
themselves in urgent need of big money, they decide to invest heavily and take
things to the next level. Sounds perfect, right? Well, only if they didn’t turn
to Bholi Punjaban, a local gangster, to finance things.

Sure enough, things don’t pan out as planned and their investor threatens them with
dire consequences. Though they find a way to make things work and end on a happy
note, the finance gurus in us were like, ‘guys, things would have been so much
simpler if you guys opted for a personal loan!’ Your credit scores would have
also increased – something that’s amazing for young students!

2. Spiderman.

Peter Parker is crazy about Mary Jane and he thinks buying a shiny new car is the
best way to impress her. So, as soon as he learns about his powers he heads down
to the wrestling arena to win a huge cash prize. It’s a great idea, all he has
to do is survive for 3 minutes and the money is his. Everything goes according
to plan until the organizer pays him much less than promised. At this point,
a thief storms in and robs the organizer. Peter could have intervened but since
the same organizer just cheated him, he chooses to do nothing.

When he walks out, he finds that the same thief just fatally shot his uncle. We all
loved Uncle Ben and wished Peter would have just convinced Uncle Ben to get a
personal loan to buy his car. Everything would be just fine and Uncle Ben would
still be alive.

3. De dana dhan!

This is another hilarious movie. But do you realize that both Nitin (Akshay Kumar)
and his father would be much better of opting for loans? Let me explain – to
educate Nitin, his father borrowed money from Kuljeet Kaur. She provided the
loan on one condition – Nitin would work as her driver & servant. This could
have been avoided if Nitin’s dad just opted for an education loan.

Now frustrated with this, Nitin decides to kidnap poor Moolchand Ji (Kuljeet Kaur’s
dog) to demand ransom and pay back the loan his father took from Kuljeet Kaur
and thus begins the madness. Well, as much as we love the craziness of the movie,
it could all be avoided if Nitin just filled out an education loan application

These movie characters had their scripts written for them. They couldn’t change their fates even if they wanted but you can
always come to us for personal loan, education loan, SME business loan & two-wheeler
loan. We’ll finance your happy ending without any unwanted hassles or disappointments.

We hope this has made for an entertaining read. Good luck and have a great day!

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